The Final Stretch to End Polio, with Keynote Address from Bill Gates

This is the meeting for the week of June 26, 2017 through July 2, 2017

This Meeting at a Glance:
Program: The Final Stretch to End Polio, with Keynote Address from Bill Gates
Program Description: For countless years Rotary International has partnered with global organizations like the World Health Organization and the United Nations and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to be at the forefront of polio eradication. Our program this week is by Bill Gates with an update of where we are in the fight against polio, and where we are going in the coming years.
Speaker: Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft & Founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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Welcome to the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley!

Message from President Mitty

Last Meeting of the Rotary Year; Onwards

Greetings and welcome to the last meeting of the 2016-2017 Rotary Year, and our first transition meeting into the new Rotary Year, 2017-2018! My name is Mitty Chang and I am president of the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley, and you have intentionally or unintentionally wandered onto our online meeting for the week of June 26 through July 2!

If you are a valued club member: “Thank you for being amazing and for being part of our global eClub family!” If you are a returning guest or visiting Rotarian: “Thank you for coming back and joining us! We appreciate you!” If this is your first time visiting us: “Welcome to the meeting, and continue reading and watching!”

As I sit here and type out my very last meeting as club president, I want to thank each member of our club’s leadership team this year. From our Board of Directors team to the committee chairs — you have all done an amazing job. Thank each of you for your service!

I want to also thank all of our club members for being amazing leaders in your own communities. My pursuit this year has been to improve the club experience for each of you. I have been really proud of initiatives our leadership team has passed this year like flexible monthly payment options for dues, or the leadership development grants that we launched to help reimburse members who want to attend district conferences, conventions, or leadership training.

We started off this year with 27 members, and we’re ending the year with 38 members — with more potential members on the horizon! That’s a huge growth, and I am hoping we will continue this growth trend.

President-elect Stephen — you are now President Stephen. We all wish you the best, and welcome you into your Rotary year as president! We will each continue to serve you and to serve the club, to the best of our abilities!

This week’s meeting program is also a special program. While we normally record our own programs, this week we are sourcing in a program that was recorded at this year’s Rotary International Convention in Atlanta. I hope you each enjoy this final program for our 2016-2017 Rotary year!

Yours in service,

Mitty Chang, President
Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley
[email protected] (switches to Stephen on June 30)

Weekly Inspiration: The Mega Kitchen Serving 40,000 People Each Day

Every week we start our meetings with a short video highlighting innovation, inspiration, entrepreneurship, or social change. This week we are featuring a video from Great Big Story on converting trash into art.

With one of the largest kitchens in Asia, the Shri Saibaba temple in Shirdi, India, prepares, cooks and serves quantities of food that are nearly unimaginable. The kitchen dishes out as many as 40,000 meals per day, every day, all year long. It takes 600 people working in two daily shifts to prepare all this food. Yet despite all the effort, meals are free to the public. Why? The temple believes that those who are hungry deserve to be fed, and those who are thirsty deserve to be given a drink.

That’s a LOT of food every day!

Coffee with a Rotarian: Raquel

Getting to know our fellow members and Rotarians is an important part of Rotary. Our club runs a regular initiative called “Coffee with a Rotarian,” where members are paired with other Rotarians to get to know each other in a 1 on 1 coffee session either in-person or virtually. These Coffee with a Rotarian initiatives are spearheaded by member Tzviatko Chiderov.

This week we feature a coffee session between members Rushton Hurley (based in California, USA) and Raquel D’Garay-Juncal (based in Mexico).

Here’s what Rushton wrote about Raquel:

“Having the opportunity to talk with someone like Raquel is a wonderful reminder of why we started this club. She is a doctor working on a number of initiatives in Mexico, including helping students in schools by teaching several science classes, and working with an NGO called Corazon via a Rotary Global Grant. Her heart for such work truly comes through in talking to her! I’m excited to hear about several possibilities that are on the horizon, including a scholarship opportunity for study in Australia. While it would be great for her to have time Down Under with Brett and Angela, she’ll meet them even sooner when she goes to Atlanta for the convention next week. All you guys have a great time!”

Thanks for sharing!

New Member Intro: Maxi Bustos

We love our members. Without them, this club wouldn’t exist. This section is a segment is dedicated to introducing our newest additions to our club!

Last week we welcomed in one of our newest members, Maxi Bustos to our eClub! This week we are excited to learn more about our newest Rotarian, Maxi, in his self-introduction video.

Thanks for sharing, Maxi! And welcome again to our Rotary family!

For Members Only: Updates

This segment of the meeting is dedicated to our club members. This section includes announcements and new initiatives. Guests, you are welcome to read this section or just skip it.

Ring in the New Rotary Year! 

Let’s get ready to ring in the new Rotary year!! Our next meeting will be the official welcome meeting. This meeting is considered our last meeting of the Rotary year.

Past Member Announcements:

  • Club Fundraiser on August 6 “A Taste of Good with Rotary” in Livermore, CA: Looking for help, donations, gift prizes, etc! Email Andrew Taw
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Location to be decided. Check back soon!

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Happy Dollars: Do Good by Sharing Something Good

Each week we ask our members to share stories with the club and toss in a few dollars to support our efforts. The primary goal of this section is to provide a fun way of getting to know each fellow members and guests, while giving back to a good cause.

Happy dollars is an opportunity to share something positive that has happened in your life whether it is personal or business. Think of it as your opportunity to brag a little, but also put a little bit into a karma jar. The money donated through happy dollars is put to charitable use, and the message that you leave for happy dollars will be posted in our online meeting the following week for the entire week for folks to see! (Pending that it’s appropriate!)

Last week’s happy dollars went towards powering our club’s projects and service grants.

Thank you to member Rory Olsen for his donation to Polio Plus fund! Rory had this to say:
“I had a novel experience today. I visited my family doctor today as a routine check up. He told me that I was doing well. Considering that I am past 65, that is welcome news indeed.

Of course, he suggested that I lose a few pounds, but that is what most MDs say unless you have a confirmed diagnosis of an eating disorder. All in all, it was great news.

Please apply my gift to Polio Plus.”

Thank you all for your donations last week!

This week’s happy dollars donations will be going to help fund our club projects and service grants!

Happy dollars is also a great opportunity to share with the group about something good that has happened to you, while giving back to a great cause.

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Selected Six

Every week at the bottom of our meetings, there is a comments section for members and guests to tell us what they enjoyed about the meeting or to ask questions to the speaker. We select six comments every week from last week’s meeting to be featured during this week’s meeting.

Here are six comments selected from last week’s meeting about The Juno Mission: Eyes on Jupiter:

Member Ferheen Abbasi (Osaka, Japan) had this to say:
Thank you so much for your presentation, Phil! I LOVE learning about planets and space. Perhaps you mentioned this and I missed it, but I love the (real?) story behind naming the spacecraft Juno!… “The god Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself to hide his mischief, and his wife, the goddess Juno, was able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter’s true nature.” Sidenote: I am writing my comment from the Incheon airport on my way home to the Bay! I got to watch Hidden Figures on the plane so Phil’s story was super cool! Also another sidenote, in my lab, we have our own famous Juno. It’s the binding partner on the oocyte (egg) to the IZUMO1 protein on the spermatozoa head and without it, fertilization cannot occur which means we cannot have babies! Izumo1, which my lab found, was named after a shrine for marriage so when Juno was found, they named it after the goddess of fertility 😉 Also, that video of Pluto was so cool, but the music was terrifying :((“

Guest Leanza Tupfer (California, USA) had this to say:
“In the weekly inspiration videos, I’m always amazed at the new, innovative ways we can reuse trash to beautify our world and make spaces more effective. From the man who collected trash to create a community gym on the beach to the father-son duo in this week’s video fashioning scrap metal to build transformers, it’s an inspiring message to convince people throughout the world that we can address our environmental problems and improve sustainability.”

Member Jaiki Alves (Brazil) had this to say:
“Wow!!! Awesome meeting. I learned lot about NASA, and I loved about ‘transformers’ video. Maxi, Welcome to our eClub, I know about your enthusiasm, this is a great and important moment to you, I am able to talk about Rotary and know about your profession and objectives. I went to a president party this week and we received a more distant club recognition.”

Member Andrew Taw (California, USA) had this to say:
“Thanks, Phil, for your presentation! Seriously made my week! Quick couple questions: with such a large magnetosphere, does Jupiter have auroras and, if they do, are they much larger and farther from the planet? If they’re there, are they observable by telescope from Earth?

Guest Cecelia Babkirk (California, USA) had this to say:
“Dr. Phil, Thank you for your informative talk. I think a lot of people don’t know that there is a movement to engage “citizen scientists” in any number of efforts to advance the cause of science, in addition to improving the world around us. I recently watched a PBS program called (something like) “Even Big Data Begins Small” and it is all about how ordinary citizens are contributing data locally that becomes part of a bigger picture. Some examples include something as simple as a grass roots early warning system in flood prone communities, where residents measure and report rainfall during storms in these areas (Boulder, CO), citizen mapping in developing countries that don’t have street addresses or similar identifiers, which makes it very challenging to save people when natural disasters strike (Nepal earthquake), etc. So I find it interesting that the Juno project encourages ordinary citizens to take part.

Member Catherine A. (California, USA) had this to say:
“—Welcome Maxi! —The Great Big Story video on the father-son metal fabricator artists in China was wonderful.  —Thanks, Nate, for the Cocatoo Island tour as well. Phil, I wanted your Juno presentation to continue for another hour, since the focus on your scientific work was so refreshing and interesting. What is the most surprising or unexpected thing you have learned about space or our solar system during your career?”

Be sure to leave a comment at the end of this week’s meeting after you watch the program below, and perhaps you’ll see your comment featured next week!

Program: The Final Stretch to End Polio, with Bill Gates

Every week we bring to you a new program on innovation, education, technology, and humanitarian service. This week our guest this week is Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

For countless years Rotary International has partnered with global organizations like the World Health Organization and the United Nations and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to be at the forefront of polio eradication. Our program this week is by Bill Gates with an update of where we are in the fight against polio, and where we are going in the coming years.

This program was originally filmed at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia on June 12, 2017. (Just a couple of weeks ago!) If for some reason you cannot see the video embed, a link to the video is included below too.

Please join us in welcoming Bill Gates!

Don’t see the video? You can manually play the video from this link here:

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  • Megan Breyer

    I can’t tell you how excited I am that this is this week’s program. I woke up this morning to a post by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation being shared by many of my Rotarian friends – it was a simple thank you note to Rotarians for everything they’ve done to eradicate Polio thus far. It’s been so amazing to grow up in this organization and to have heard the updates throughout the years. To know that there is support for this around the globe because of this impact is absolutely incredible. Thank you for making this it’s own program!

    A special thank you to Mitty for all that you’ve done. I’ve only been involved with this club for a few short months but your passion for Rotary and your care for others is very evident. Looking forward to getting even more involved under President Stephen!

  • Tzviatko Chiderov

    Mitty, thanks so much for your leadership and service to our club over the past year. President Stephen, looking forward to the year ahead!
    I didn’t realize that Bill Gates spoke at the convention. Thanks for sharing this. Great to hear about the additional financial match! It was also very nice for him to share some of the individual stories of workers in the front lines who do this tremendous work every day.

  • Thanks for you excellent leadership Mitty.
    Stephen your year will see this club systemize its needs, something yours truly believes will help us reach an even higher level of great contempt,attract many new members, and retain those who are already on board.
    Count me in as one who will assist in any capacity.

  • Roger Plested

    Another enjoyable meeting. Welcome to the club Maxi, I look forward to getting to know you.

    A thank you to Mitty and all the members who supported him this last year to make his year a successful year. I look forward to the upcoming year and wish President Stephen all the best. Speaking for myself, Stephen if there is anything I can do to help make your year also special, just contact me. I am more than willing to help.

  • Monique le Conge Ziesenhenne

    Congratulations, Mitty, thanks for your great leadership this year. It’s exciting to see such a great increase in the membership of this club and it’s a testament to the high-quality of meetings and interactions along with the supportive membership. Mitty – was there anything that was a surprise to you as president this year? Welcome to your new role, Stephen! Best of luck. Thanks for posting the Bill Gates video. Such a wonderful focus for Rotary to make the most of the match.

  • Catherine A

    Thanks so much for your leadership, Mitty! I enjoyed meeting you and Yvonne during my new member interview. This member is so grateful for your past guidance and assistance, since joining the SV eClub family!

    As someone from a food-driven family, I also loved the Shri Saibaba Temple story. Sanjay Kumbar, tasked with feeding 40,000 people a day at the temple, seems to have the most gratifying and challenging job on the planet.

    (Welcome again, Maxi!)

    The SV eClub team did a great job in posting the 2017 RI Convention keynote by Bill Gates. What an incredible opportunity for Rotarians who traveled to Atlanta this year! Aside from the outstanding two-for-one matching grant to Polio Plus pledged by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I particularly enjoyed Gates crediting Rotarians and their contacts overseas with helping to build trust between global communities and injection providers, so those needing immunizations would accept vaccines and other healthcare as safe procedures for their families. The Emir who partnered with Rotary and consumed a vial of vaccine to demonstrate its safety, was a wonderful anecdote.

    I hope Rotarians will work with Bill and Melinda Gates on issues closer to home, where collaboration and alliances could create similar positive healthcare outcomes for all U.S. citizens, the elderly, families and the poor in our communities:

    In an Australian interview in 2013, Gates stated that the U.S. is “long overdue” in enacting national legislation “to adopt Universal Healthcare.” Gates seems to understand that the current free-market U.S. healthcare system, with its artificially-inflated medication costs, inflated procedure costs and exorbitant hospitalization/nursing home costs, plus sky-rocketing medical insurance costs, works essentially as a death decree and road to bankruptcy for families, the elderly, the seriously ill and those dealing with chronic diseases, who can’t afford basic life-saving medications and all available healthcare services. Universal health care, according to Gates, “should have been adopted in the U.S. years ago” to mirror the more compassionate, government-paid healthcare systems adopted for citizen care in other civilized countries across the globe. I agree with him completely.

  • Carey Lai

    Great club meeting! Thank you Mitty and SV eClub members.

  • Nicole Pham

    Thank you for a wonderful year Mitty!!! You were a great president and I can’t wait to see what the future contains!

  • Rory Olsen


    You done good!


  • Leanza Tupfer

    Thank you for your leadership, Mitty! Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you involved with future Rotary events.

    Seeing Bill Gates present at the Rotary international Convention, and highlight the involvement of Rotary International notably in eradicating polio in Pakistan and other high risk areas makes me proud to be part of such an impactful organization. Keep up the great work!!!

  • Mitty thank you for all your hard work! You have an amazing dedication to rotary and will not let the miles stand in your way. Thanks for helping me thru the treasurer process👏

  • BDL

    Good job Mitty! Making us bigger and healthier! I love me some Bill Gates: boy if he’s getting old, that means I’m getting old….

  • Brett Sham

    Thanks Mitty for your great leadership of the club this year. Congratulations Stephen – looking forward to the year ahead!

    Raquel was good to meet you in Atlanta and you too Maxi – was interesting learn a few more things about you in the video.

    The plenary session that featured Bill Gates, Ashton Kutcher and John Cena was my highlight of RICON. So excited that the pledges cover $1.2bn of the estimated $1.5bn needed to wipe out polio. Was also excited to see my photo to promote End Polio Now (taken during RICON 2014 in Sydney) being used by Bill Gates in his presentation!

    • Raquel D. Juncal

      Likewise, Brett! 😀

  • ShagsCA

    What a great year of Rotary information, events, and leadership! How Mighty Mitty handled it all with all his traveling was amazing — never could have been done in a terra Club.

  • I would like to thank you president Mitty, because you helped me to join this amazing eclub. I am learning every week and I can say: You did a good job with this eclub and I wish success in your rotarian life.

    Maxi, welcome again and I wish to know more about your profession.

    Bill gates is an example for us, He believes in the Rotary Fundation like us, thanks for shared this video.

    This week I went to two another Rotary Meeting (Tietê and Capivari), it happened the transfer of the presidency. I had opportunity to share about Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley and a club invited me to talk in another moment about: Internationalization, experience with eclub and the culture of a club from another country.

    President Stephen, best lucky this year. You can be sure, I am motivated and excited to help you and share Rotary’s Content and Experiences. Now, you have the opportunity to engage, motivate and develop your leadership like president, so, WE ARE TOGETHER, BECAUSE, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!

  • Gates’ commitment to helping Rotary and the WHO eradicate polio is inspiring. Mitty, thanks for all you have done this year, and Stephen, I am excited to see what you will help us make happen!

  • Fernando Morales

    Hi all. It’s so motivating to see the immense progress made towards eradicating polio. It’s proof that collective efforts can make the world a better place. It’s not easy- but it can happen and this is proof.
    I also see it’s Mitty’s last week and, as a constant guest, I want to say thanks for making these meetings happen and always having such engaging content week after week! Wishing you the very best!

  • Ferheen Abbasi

    Mitty, congratulations on an amazing Rotary year as President of our humble eClub! You have been a wonderful leader and amazing friend <3
    Stephen, good luck this year!!!
    Maxi, welcome to the club!
    Also, I am back in the Bayyyy!!! I would love to see folks – perhaps on Sunday?!

  • Angela Hoang

    Thanks Mitty for all the efforts you’ve put into the club, it’s really cool to see it going from strength to strength and Stephen if there’s anything you need assistance with to keep the momentum going you know us Aussies are ready and willing to help 🙂

    Welcome to the club Maxi, it was great hanging out with you at convention (the shirt in your video was the one you bought at the House of Friendship right?) and it was great meeting Raquel too at some of the events! It was really nice meeting club members and being there for Bill Gates’ speech was quite a special moment – so great that the speech could be uploaded so those who couldn’t be at convention could see it anyway (sharing is caring!).

    Have a great week everyone, sad to say we’re on our way back home but it’s been an amazing trip and thanks to everyone who made it extra special 😊

    • Raquel D. Juncal

      Angela, great meeting you too! Thanks again for the keychain, love it! 😀

  • Nathan Gildart

    Bill and Melinda Gates are truly inspiring. Their work with Rotary and the effort of Rotarians in the eradication of polio is an incredible initiative. What a commitment! The point that it takes a village to do this is very true, and an incredible achievement thus far. (still work to be done) I love the video of the kitchen in India – wow!

    Mitty, congratulations on a great year and thank you. Best of luck Stephen! You’ll be great!

  • Richard Knaggs

    Thank you for an amazing year Mitty and for the connections you have made. I believe it has been very successful and you have performed an outstanding job. Welcome Stephen we look forward to a wonderful year with you. What a great video on the MEGA Kitchen. We definitely need more of those around especially in South Africa. The question I have about that is how do they fund it?

    I never knew that Bill Gates was so passionate about the eradication of Polio. It was inspiring to hear it from him.

  • Maxi Bustos

    Mitty, congratulations for the successful leadership of our club this rotarian year. Thanks for inviting me to the club and for your hard work! Stephen, best wishes for your presidency, all my support for you 🙂

    Excellent message from Bill Gates in Atlanta, it was very exciting to see it in person!

    Thanks again for the warm welcome 🙂

  • Yvonne Kwan

    Congratulations on an awesome year, Mitty! Rushton wasn’t an easy act to follow B^)

    Maxi, welcome!! It was so great to be able to spend some time with you in Atlanta, and i look forward to connecting with you more here in the Bay!

    Love the Bill Gates speech and feel grateful to have had the chance to witness it in person. What a fitting end to the Rotary year!

  • Andrew Taw

    Woo! Congrats on finishing the year Mitty!

    Love the video of the mega kitchen and Bill Gates’ keynote. Wish I could’ve been in Atlanta!

  • What a meeting! Congratulations Mitty and welcome Maxi. Between the Big Idea video feeding 40,000 people a day and Bill Gates speaking – and committing – to the eradication of polio, one key ingredient stands out: the people who work and volunteer to make our world a better, safer, happier and healthier place. Humbled and proud to be a member of the club and of Rotary.

  • Raquel D. Juncal

    Mitty, excellent way to finish an amazing year as President! Congrats!

    Bill Gates’ speech is truly inspiring. His commitment to the cause is amazing!

  • Paul Mosso

    Mitty, you had a great year being our leader as President; thank you for your time and dedication. I look forward to another great Rotary Year with this club and all we do for service to our world around us.

    I enjoyed hearing about the next steps from Bill Gates, truly moving.

  • john lozano

    Mitty, thanks for your leadership this year.

    I always hearing Bill Gates speak and especially his efforts to make the world a better place.


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