The Impact of RYLA, a Thank You Message

This is the meeting for the week of July 10, 2017 through July 16, 2017

This Meeting at a Glance:
Program: The Impact of RYLA, a Thank You Message
Program Description: Learn about the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp experiences of the young Interact Club Co-President our club sponsored to this year’s RYLA camp this past June.
Speaker: Marilyn Nguyen, Co-President of the Interact Club of KIPP San Jose Collegiate Prep

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Welcome to the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley!

Message from President Stephen

Welcome to Week 2 of our Rotary Year!

New to our meetings? Then I want to welcome you to the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley’s online meeting! Every week we curate inspiring and educational content in an online format like the one you’re seeing here. As you continue reading, watching, and scrolling, our hope is that you’ll leave feeling a little bit more inspired. As an online Rotary club, we have these asynchronous meetings online, but we also meet in-person in the Silicon Valley / San Francisco bay area for service projects and for social events. Keep reading on, and feel free to also join us for one of our in-person events if you can make it!

I hope everyone had a great fourth of July! Last Sunday, we had a very successful Jam session graciously hosted by Shags at his lovely home in Walnut Creek. Shags made smoked salmon to go along with bagels and cream cheese.

The Jam Sessions were started to help the club create meeting content. They are hosted once every quarter and also act as a social event for members to bond while putting together cool ideas for our meetings. This last Jam Session we had members Andrew Taw, Mitty Chang, Cecelia Babkirk, Rushton Hurley, Yvonne Kwan, Leanza Tupfer, Steven “Shags” Shagrin, Heather Shaw, and myself. Chris Cochrane, Roger Plested, Jaiki Alves, and Monique Ziesenhenne joined us remotely via video conference. We made great strides toward creating systems that will help generate content for the meetings.  As an E-Club, there are so many cool and different ways people can get involved and seeing everyone working together at the Jam Sessions makes me very excited to be a part of such an engaged community.

Yours in service,

Stephen Zhou, President
Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley
[email protected]

Laughing Out Loud (L.O.L.) with our Lady of LOLs

We believe that laughing a little every day keeps you healthier. Every week we try to share with you something that will make you smile! This section is curated by Rotarian Yvonne Kwan, our club’s “Lady of LOLs.”

With the start of the new Rotary year, summer is also in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere. Here are some beachy jokes to cool you off.
What did the pig say at the beach on a hot summer’s day?

I’m bacon!

What do you call a witch at the beach?

A sandwich!
What do you call a beach with tiny waves?
A microwave beach!

Weekly Inspiration: “Through My Eyes: The World I Want to Live In”

Every week we start our meetings with a short video highlighting innovation, inspiration, entrepreneurship, or social change. This week we are featuring a video from White House Film Festival 2016 Finalist Nashrah MohdReza.

The White House hosts an annual student film contest and this is the 3rd year this program has been around. Last year’s theme was “The World I Want to Live In.” This short film was made by 14-year old Nashrah MohdReza. It is about a girl who dreams of the perfect world in which she is accepted.

Coffee with a Rotarian: Rushton & Shags

Getting to know our fellow members and Rotarians is an important part of Rotary. Our club runs a regular initiative called “Coffee with a Rotarian,” where members are paired with other Rotarians to get to know each other in a 1 on 1 coffee session either in-person or virtually. These Coffee with a Rotarian initiatives are spearheaded by member Tzviatko Chiderov.

This week we feature a coffee session between members Shags Shagrin and Rushton Hurley!

Here’s what Shags had to say about Rushton:

“Rushton and I have had several conversations over the years, so this time it was more of an
update than a “get to know initial chat”. It was exciting to hear that his new book was to
come out this week (June 20), “Making Your School Something Special”. He said that it has
over 50 tools and techniques for teachers to “enhance learning, build confidence, and foster
success at every level.”

This week (June 25-28) he will be sharing it at the International Society for Technology in
Education Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. That’s his old stomping ground for 7
years while studying at Trinity University. One of his majors was History, yet he didn’t have
an answer to my question as to why they would put the Alamo in the middle of such a busy
metropolitan area. (wink wink!)

He and Tabitha are looking forward to their first cruise in mid-July to ports in Italy, France,
and Spain. It’s always a delight to chat with Rushton, so thanks for pairing us up this month!

See more about Rushton’s new book at

Here is what Rushton had to say about Shags:

Additional comments and links from Rushton about Shags:

For Members Only: Updates

This segment of the meeting is dedicated to our club members. This section includes announcements and new initiatives. Guests, you are welcome to read this section or just skip it.

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Thank you to member Rory Olsen for his $15 donation to Polio Plus fund! Rory had this to say:
“All is well”

Thank you to member Rushton Hurley for his generous $25 donation to Polio Plus fund! Rushton had this to say:
“Here’s a $25 donation to End Polio Now in honor of our new president!”

 Thank you to member Monique Ziesenhenne for her generous $20 donation! Monique had this to say:
“Happy Birthday dollars from me for the Club General Fund!”

Thank you all for your donations last week!

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Selected Six

Every week at the bottom of our meetings, there is a comments section for members and guests to tell us what they enjoyed about the meeting or to ask questions to the speaker. We select six comments every week from last week’s meeting to be featured during this week’s meeting.

Here are six comments selected from last week’s meeting about Impacting Lives with Laptops for Good:

Member Catherine A. (USA) had this to say:
“Congratulations on the beginning of your year, Stephen!
Andrew, I was so excited to learn of a fellow HNU graduate who is doing such great work for deserving Bay Area kids. (I haven’t been back since I graduated many years ago, since I moved to another region for work and graduate school.) Hearing about your Upward Bound program, plus the snacks, laptops and folios for students, was awesome. I like your idea of a committee to help students network and achieve their goals, plus the future Google tie in. (Side note, there is now a small, self-driving vehicle at Santa Clara University which is being used to shuttle students across the grounds over sidewalks. My friend and I got a test ride last fall, when the golf-cart-sized vehicle was being programmed.) Perhaps someday we will have community based, self-driving cars taking students from homes to schools and colleges, so they can study while they are stuck in Bay Area traffic. Somehow, I believe you are just the right person who could find funding and backing for that kind of project, since many low income students are hampered by chronic transportation challenges. Good job!

Member Rushton Hurley (California, USA) had this to say:
“The video about the synthetic cadavers was amazing – a nice example of bringing excellence to a need many aren’t aware of. Nate and Tzviatko, most cool to hear from you guys, and the Australian history was a nice bonus. Andrew, what a powerful realization it was that students might lose their momentum in college because their families ask for help via the money the students receive to address their educational costs! I love that your experience helping low-income students get to college is now going into helping students succeed in college. I think you will be able to make a difference addressing the statistic that just over 9 in 10 lowest-quartile students entering college don’t finish. Stephen, welcome to the captain’s chair! I know you’ll do a great job this year. Finally, I hope more of us will share visuals in our meeting comments this year! Here’s a shot I took this morning as folks in our community were getting ready for the annual July 4th parade.”

Member Cecelia (California, USA) had this to say:
“Stephen, congratulations on becoming the President of arguably the best e-club in the Rotary world! One of the things I admire about your members is that you don’t just participate in doing good, you lead the way by seeing a need right in your professions and creating the structure through which you can respond to the need. I look forward to joining you in those endeavors and bringing an element of internationality to the club. Happy 4th, everyone!

Member Leanza Tupfer (California, USA) had this to say:
“Congratulations Stephen, and Mitty thank you for all that you’ve done this year. Andrew – please let me know if I can help in any way for Laptops For Good, this is such an awesome program and deserving opportunity for students in need of laptops! Also if anything is needed for the Club Fundraiser on Aug 6 🙂 Responding to the Westworld IRL video, it’s amazing that now we have the technology to create life-like cadavers that “react” as a human would to surgical operations and real world conditions. My thoughts are that building a more accurate model of a cadaver for human research is that it will allow physicians to empathize with how the research and procedures they perform could affect the human body, which hopefully leads to better understanding and improved medical care for when procedures are performed on real human bodies. Hope everyone had a great July 4.

Member Hardeep Singh (California, USA) had this to say:
“Congrats, Stephen! And thanks, Andrew! Loved the weekly inspiration with the syndavers, especially as a medical student who dissected cadavers during her first semester. Super cool!

Member Brett Sham (Sydney, Australia) had this to say:
“Andrew, congratulations on developing such a powerful and impactful project. It’s amazing that we forget that some of the things we take for granted can be so valued and have such a meaningful change on another person’s life. Nate, great video – I’m not even sure that I’ve ever been to Cockatoo Island. Such a shame I wasn’t in Sydney when you visited.”

Be sure to leave a comment at the end of this week’s meeting after you watch the program below, and perhaps you’ll see your comment featured next week!

Program: Impact of RYLA

Every week we bring to you a new program on innovation, education, technology, and humanitarian service. This week our guest is Marilyn Nguyen, Co-President of the Interact Club of KIPP San Jose Collegiate Prep.

Marilyn Nguyen will start her senior year of high school this Fall. As Co-President of the Interact Club our club sponsors, Marilyn was awarded a scholarship to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camp a month ago. RYLA is a leadership camp for high school students, and is organized differently and independently in each Rotary district. Our district’s RYLA has been around for over 30 years, and annually attracts nearly 200 high school students for a 5 night, 6 day leadership program. Attending our district’s RYLA is a competitive selection process with a long waitlist of students every year who want to go but cannot due to the program maxing out of camper slots every year.

In this week’s program, Marilyn shares with us about her experience at RYLA this past June. This is also our club’s introduction to Marilyn, who we will hear from periodically throughout the year on behalf of their Interact Club.   

Please join us in welcoming Marilyn!

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  • Nathan Gildart

    Marilyn, your honesty is impressive. Thinking about yourself as a leader and collaborator reflectively seems to have really sunk in. Self-reflection and being honest with yourself, not to mention stepping out of your comfort zone, will empower you to grow not only as a leader, but in many other ways. By the time you finish high school you will be flying! (I got the attached image from a Twitter friend, and I think it can represent young people such as Marilyn. Find your cape!)

    The video on the world through the eye of a Muslim is a poignant reminder of the road ahead to open minds. Nice choice.

    Great to learn more about RYLA from those with experience!

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      HI Nathan! Thank you for listening and supporting! 🙂 This image is pretty accurate because when I thought about a recorded program I didn’t realize how nervous I was until it started. The far left represents me self-reflecting about my experience and its impacts while the middle is me acknowledging that the video is being recorded as I speak and the final figure is me translating my self-reflection into words that I said out loud. Honestly, I looked at this simple image for a good 8 minutes and applied it to different experiences I’ve had in the past and it actually makes sense. I’m an analyst so it’s funny how a simple image can become so complex! ICONIC!

  • Megan Breyer

    I grew up in Rotary, but RYLA was my first introduction to the other pieces of what Rotary offered for the younger crowd. I am so so happy to see this going strong in other districts and to hear it’s still having such a positive impact. Marilyn I have no doubt this experience will stay with you! You have a bright future ahead of you.

    RYLA is the best cult out there, Yvonne 😉 Thanks for being a counselor!

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      It’s crazy how much someone can learn in 5 days! I strongly believe it’s going to have an everlasting impact on me as well 🙂 Thank you so much for listening and supporting me! RYLUV

  • Tzviatko Chiderov

    Thanks for speaking about your experience so openly Marilyn! It was great to hear from you.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thanks for listening and supporting me!! 🙂

  • Rory Olsen


    Thank you for a very heartfelt program.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Hi Rory! Thank you for your support and for taking the time to listen to the program! 🙂

  • ShagsCA

    RYLA is probably the most important future Rotary Club/District/Zone leadership development program there is — bringing together future leaders who will carry the Rotary message and spirit with them for life. I was blessed to have been on the District 6650 (OH) RYLA Committee for 14 years, and then the District 5160 RYLA Registrar & Webmaster for about 6 years. All truly wonderful experiences watching the teens grow from strangers to besties-for-life in just a few short days! In 5160 they started Facebook Groups for each RYLA year for a while, and the former campers still keep in touch and reach out to each other from time to time. Marilyn — just remember that other people’s opinions about you are none of your business, and they can be told that it should stay that way when offered. And Rushton — that short video you put together was too funny! Much more creative than I in my sharing of our time together.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thanks for listening! I’m working on it!! There were so many Facebook Groups created for RYLA afterwards as well as RYunions! It’s crazy how you could create such long lasting friendships in just 5 days!

  • Keith Marsh

    Thanks to Marilyn for sharing her RYLA experiences.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thanks for listening Keith!

  • BDL

    Marilyn, this was so much fun. My Mom’s name is Marilyn, so you hit it off with me right away. Anybody that can confess being a control freak will do very well! Any advice for kids as they look forward to high school?

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      🙂 HAHA Thanks for listening! I think the advice I would give for those who look forward to high school is it’s as good as you make it!

  • Catherine A

    Shout out to Rushton: I enjoyed your charming, “Coffee with a Rotarian” introduction of Shags. (No wonder everyone looks so loosey-goosey and animated in that SV eClub Paella photo.) 😉

    Marilyn, I really resonated with your comments about being nervous at group events, plus your “Control Freak” confession. (What a brave woman you are!) If you can bear with me, I will share some of what I have learned, below.

    When I was your age I was so concerned about what everyone thought of me, it was hard to relax and be myself. I had a constant stomach ache in high school! I was very shy and raised with a steady stream of harsh expectations. A high school counselor realized my situation and my suffering, and challenged me to “go to the store and buy just one grape,” to help me get over my worry about people-pleasing and constantly seeing myself through other’s eyes, what she called, “always comparing your insides to their outsides.” I’ll never forget being 16 and taking one grape (in a plastic produce bag) to the check-out counter at my local Safeway. The checker had a good laugh and so did I, surprisingly! That day I finally crossed the Rubicon, with no going back to my old, shy ways. That painful step gave me the confidence I needed to start being more uniquely myself in other social situations.

    This is what I learned (take what you like and leave the rest):

    1. Share your imperfections with “safe” folks. You will feel more relaxed, safer and ultimately, become a better leader, since others will see that they may also relax, be honest and be themselves around you. (People often thought I didn’t like them when I was a teen, since I was so quiet and serious, socially. Later I learned that they were all just as scared as I was!)
    2. People give their best efforts when they feel heard and appreciated for their input, when they may share in all decision-making, and when they collaborate in an atmosphere which is free of harsh judgment and criticism. (Sometimes when I was too hard on myself, I was also being too hard on others.)
    3. Trust your values and what you know to be true. Avoid complaining, explaining or trying to convince others to agree with you, all of which will sap your energy and give others your power.
    4. Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend or your most beloved relative. Make no exceptions to that rule.
    5. Learn to laugh about your honest mistakes. We all make them and they are the best gift! Nothing has given me more useful data and life-information, than correcting my honest mistakes. (See #4. The kinder and more accepting you can be towards yourself and learn to love your unique quirks, the kinder you will be towards others and their unique quirks. Note to self: This does NOT apply to abusive or bullying people or situations. Trust your gut feelings regarding safety. If you don’t feel safe or is someone makes you feel confused or bad about yourself, leave the situation immediately and find a safe adult to help you.)
    6. Balance play time with work (and worry) time. Set a timer for worrying. Ding! Stop and do something you enjoy, since you have spent your worry time for that day.
    7. Learn to interpret being nervous as being energized and excited in a new situation. Proceed with no expectations that you will do your project or socialize perfectly, yet will fully ENJOY doing your best with others in the room. (It’s all in how you interpret that blast of energy in a new situation, plus how you modify your inner self-talk. 😉
    8. Be here now. Focus on your breathing. Notice the colors, the smells, the expressions and the movements of others, the sounds of voices, of nature and of what you feel with the tips of your fingers on your clothes, your feet in your shoes, etc. Tap your leg to bring your focus back to yourself and your breath, when you start to fret or worry. Fully engage yourself in each of your senses, as life flows by like a river around you. Don’t attach to what is flowing by; just enjoy the parade of life on this one day, in this one moment, as the gift of life given to you, today.

    Auntie Catherine says (almost done!) – “Every year is new and fresh, and you have never been your age before. Every year you learn more about yourself and about life. Be gentle with yourself on your journey.”

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Catherine, thank you so much for all of this. While I was reading this, I could relate to it so much and it’s hard to admit that. It’s always been a struggle for me to not care about what others thought of me. I definitely parallel with being raised with harsh expectations and being fairly shy as well. At RYLA, something I was really looking forward to was learning how to balance myself as well as being self-aware. “Service Above Self” is Interact Club’s motto and I realized that I had always followed this motto way too literally. I never really took time out for myself even though I knew I needed to. I always put others before I put myself in almost every situation even if I had already done my part. Particularly, #6 and #2 stand out the most for me because I’ve never been able to set that timer for myself which has caused me to be hard on myself as well as other around me. In reading through all the #, I think I’ll be taking all of them with me. Reading through all of this is really positively overwhelming for me because I feel like all the #s (once put into action) will actually helping me reconstruct and construct anything that needs renovation. Thanks so much for taking the time to pass what you’ve learned onto me! 🙂 I think I’m going to try the single grape in a grocery bag one day :))

  • Rushton, another trend setting video from you. Well done! Marilyn, be confident and good will happen. You are brave to admit being a control freak which, in the right profession, is an amazing asset. I’m a Film/TV producer. We find the best directors and creative people are control freaks! Make it work for you and you’ll go far. Thank you for sharing.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      HAHA! Thank you! I’m working on my control freak-ness and I think it’s become more subtle now.

  • Carey Lai

    Marilyn, Thank you for sharing your RYLA experience.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thanks for supporting and listening!!

  • Marilyn, I loved to know about your RYLA experience, I hope you join us this Rotary Eclub.

    Last sunday was amazing, thanks for sharing with us.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thanks for taking the time to listen about my experience, Jaiki! 🙂 I’ll definitely consider it in the future!

  • Monique le Conge Ziesenhenne

    Great story, Marilyn. Thanks for sharing your leadership development experience.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thanks for listening, Monique! 🙂

  • Marilyn and Yvonne, it was good to get more detail about RYLA. When we think of our club’s special focuses (innovation, education, and entrepreneurship), I think leadership programs for young people fits in nicely. The Rotary Club of Santa Clara is one of several in our district that supports a program to help students who are identified in their schools as showing promise (but perhaps not getting impressive grades) begin to see possibilities in moving cool ideas forward for starting businesses. Rotary makes great things happen!

    Greetings to everyone from Switzerland, by the way! Yesterday we arrived and got a walk around the little town where our cousins live. Walking helped keep me from falling over asleep as a result of jet lag. Another thanks to friends taking care of our house and cat while we’re gone!

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thank you for listening! RYLA was definitely an eye opening experience for me in terms of leadership and self-awareness! It was nice to take a step back from just academics for once considering the other programs I’ve been a part have have always been solely focused on academia.

  • Marilyn it seems like you accomplished a great deal in 5 days! RYLA is a great program thanks for helping me understand it’s role

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my experience at and after RYLA Heather! I didn’t expect to gain as much as I did in those 5 day! It really felt much longer than just 5 days at RYLA especially when you’re surrounded by so many unique individuals! 🙂

  • Brett Sham

    Rushton & Shags – great to hear updates in what you’re both up to.

    Marilyn, thanks for sharing your RYLA experience with us. I love hearing the different stories from RYLA. I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with RYLA a few times and for me it’s been one of the most impactful and life changing experiences. I hope you continue to learn and build upon this self awareness and that it helps you continue to grow and develop.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Brett, thank you for listening to my experience! 🙂 I can definitely say RYLA has helped me accept who I am and has pushed me fairly far out of my comfort zone so far! Thanks for the support you’ve provided me!

  • mahmood khan

    Thanks Marilyn for sharing your experience with RYLA. Your insights are valuable.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thank you for all of the support and for listening! :))

  • Ferheen Abbasi

    Thank you very much for your presentation, Marilyn!! I always wish I did RYLA when I was younger so hearing your experience makes me so happy that our rotary club can support you all!!

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thank you for listening and for all of the support you have provided me!! 🙂

  • Raquel D. Juncal

    Marilyn, thanks for sharing your experience with us! My journey in Rotary started with a RYLA and I can say that it is certainly one of the best memories I have.

    Is a unique experience that creates an atmosphere for people to be their true selves. It’s amazing to see the transformation people go through in a very short time and one of the most exciting parts about the program is meeting all participants and seeing their visions of how they are going to make a positive impact on the world. Definitely one should go to a RYLA without expectations and ready to be surprised 😉

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thanks for listening! For sure RYLA is one of my best memories as well! Agreed, I think having expectations about RYLA would limit a person’s ability to be open and accepting of certain concepts and ideas 🙂

  • Thank you Marilyn for sharing your experience and growth while attending RYLA! I’m impressed with what you were able to take away from only five days and hope your growth as a leader continues.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Thank you! The days feel so much longer at RYLA but I’m glad they did! 🙂

  • Maxi Bustos

    Thanks Marilyn for sharing your RYLA experience, and my best wishes for your year as an Interact club president.
    I am happy to hear that our club supports youth programs like Interact and RYLA, I strongly believe those programs make a great impact on young students.

    • Marilyn Nguyen

      Maxi, thanks for listening and supporting! 🙂


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